A leading Footwear showroom, First Step offers a wide range of the finest of cutting-edge footwear from leading footwear brands. From a single showroom, First Step has grown into a dynamic family of 17 showrooms, each engaged in the sale of unique collection of world class branded footwear that is fresh, creative and inspiring for our range of clients.

First Step footwear brand collection touches upon some of the most famous names in footwear like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc, each a quality name utilizing the finest quality footwear materials and integrating classic shapes with contemporary design technology. In short, its avant-garde designs with exclusive materials and premium craftsmanship for world class footwear.

First Step footwear range caters to all kinds from formals to sports, casuals, business, medicinal, etc, for men, women and children, in different categories with options of different shades, different colors and different sizes. Today, First Step has 17 showrooms across India including many in Andhra Pradesh, each a spacious set-up draped in elegant settings with functional yet funky environment showcasing wares in an eye-catching manner.

Our USP lies in providing for each season fresh collection of branded footwear, bold and creative in dynamic and expressive designs which are always interpreted in an elegant and wearable manner. Customers have the privilege of buying footwear at competitive rates aided by expert styling advice from our smart and well trained salesperson at each and every showroom. Besides top brands, latest styles and exciting varieties, we offer excellent after-sales support to ensure that the buying process is not only a pleasure, but lots of fun and easy ‘hassle free’ shopping experience.

In addition to our retail operations, we have ventured into the online segment to reach out to more people across geographical boundaries and establish ourselves in the eyes of different categories of customers.


To ensure you get the right branded footwear that operates efficiently, providing maximum output at minimum costs.

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We truly care about our users and our product.

FOOTON lets you confidently put up a bold and contemporary style statement amongst your peers. All our products are a result of best practices followed right from fabrics to fit and fashion. Our products come to you after going through a series of quality checks for everything that you consider when you decide to take it on. Years of retailing expertise and a keen focus on creating not just apparels, but memorable experiences for you, dictate our work pattern. Every single stitch, color, the choice of fabric, everything has been designed and put together to give you that best brand feeling.

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